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16 People’s Lives Will Change Forever…

Find Out How You and a Partner Can
Participate to Make These Your
BEST 5 Years Ever!

In just under a month from today, 16 people will have their freshly-developed Life Blueprint in their hands. They will have:

  • developed a written plan that will help them design the future they want, and give them control over their life and their future;
  • obtained an answer for the tough life question, “where will I be in 5, 10 or 20 years?” Thanks to their new Life Blueprint, they will be squarely in control of their life;
  • discovered how a balanced life IS possible, with time for family and friends;
  • learned to overcome the biggest obstacles to achieving consistent progress and to maintain constant growth in an easy, graceful manner;
  • found out how planning their goals, defining their life purpose, and discovering and embracing their deepest fears can actually be fun through a learning environment that is hands-on and blends plenty of fun, games, laughter and yoga with the serious stuff.

This written plan will give them much greater clarity about their future, incredible confidence, a roadmap for implementing changes that will lead to major transformations in their lives, and, using the Keep Any Promise system, a means of sustaining change over their lifetimes.

What can you gain from the Keep Any Promise workshop, and how has this system helped others who have participated in the workshops to date?

1.       You’ll learn to redefine the word “Life”…and discover the myths that have held you back from fully experiencing your life

Dee developed her life blueprint during a two-day Keep Any Promise workshop. Part of what she discovered was how to define the vision she wanted for her life. She found something that satisfied her professionally: she completed yoga training, became a certified yoga teacher, purchased a house that also had space for a yoga studio, and now runs her own yoga studio, where she also invites other alternative health practitioners to share their skills in helping others. And all this in less than 6 months! The workshop helped her DISCOVER AND UNCOVER what was holding her back – and there was no stopping her once she came to that realization. I recently attended a party to celebrate her new home and studio – Dee could not have looked more radiant or happier!

2. You’ll learn the secrets to delivering more value to your goals and objectives, and recognize that confidence is a natural part of living

My real estate broker, Paul, is a great example. Paul had worked for others for a long time. He was not sure he had what it took to be on his own.  Barely two months after his experience at a two-day Keep Any Promise workshop, he called to let me know that he had purchased his OWN office space, that he would no longer be a part of a large real estate firm, and that he was setting up his own agency. Well, since that day, with his newfound confidence, business has soared for him! He recognized the real meaning of life for him, the value of creating his own world, and the confidence to make it all happen his way.

3. You’ll discover how the word ‘choice’ can be one of your most important tools that can bring you from being your own worst enemy to becoming your own ‘best friend’

Ayesha was studying for her PhD. After the birth of her third child – who needed a lot of extra care – she put her academic ambitions aside, and grew fearful of being able to achieve her goals. This left her frustrated, because she very much wanted to complete that PhD. After reading Keep Any Promise, developing her Life Blueprint and some one-on-one coaching, she found it. The very thing that was keeping her back was her inability to manage her time! She had too many conflicting priorities!  She discovered a system for managing her time and now she is on track! She has now re-enrolled in her PhD program and in a few years, will achieve her dream. She is now her own best friend, and despite a busy lifestyle, living life to its fullest!

4. You’ll experience the step-by -step “Keep Any Promise System” that will help you uncover your own uniqueness, your ability to express yourself, to be heard and to be understood

Kathleen, a mother of four and an entrepreneur read Keep Any Promise. But she felt she needed help with completing her Life Blueprint, so she enrolled in a Keep Any Promise workshop.  What she discovered was that she had a unique talent with children’s educational stories that she HAD to share with the world.  She felt a strong need to share the wonderful stories that she had kept bottled up for years.

Kathleen recently called me to tell me that she was about to publish her first children’s book, and that the Keep Any Promise system has helped her experience improved family relationships, because she is better heard and understood. A weight has lifted off her shoulders – and the world will soon get to experience her wonderful stories.

5. You’ll experience firsthand how to navigate through the simplest to the most complicated challenges using the “Keep Any Promise System”

Alia was faced with a key decision when she recently received admission to graduate school at one of the world’s top universities. To attend, she would have to give up her current job, and pay significant fees for the two-year program. In the Keep Any Promise workshop, she had developed a powerful personal vision for her life: she wanted to improve access to clean water for millions of people. This vision spurred her to tackle the obstacles in her path and in September 2009, she proudly started the graduate program.


6. You’ll find out how to uncover the masks that have kept the real you ‘buried’ and kept you repeating the same old self defeating habits

7. You’ll experience time tested, practical techniques and the innovative strategies that have helped so many to overcome the challenges of living a fulfilling life

8. You’ll experience a combination of compelling stories and ground breaking insights that allow you to anticipate, to understand and work through any obstacle that has held you back.

9. You’ll learn how, with a simple shift in your current thinking, you can change your entire world

10. And MOST IMPORTANTLY, you’ll discover the value of your life!

On October 22 and 23, 2009 and again on November 26 and 27, 2009, you have the opportunity to achieve similar life-changing thinking and develop your own Life Blueprint to help you get much more value out of your life.

Here’s how I have made it easy for you to say YES, and to sign up for the few spaces available.

1. There is absolutely NO-RISK

I am so confident you will benefit from the program that if you enroll and are not happy after the first day, you can ask for a full refund, no questions asked.  As a bonus, you get to keep the materials you will have received, worth up to $300. So why not take advantage of this NO-RISK, 100% money-back guarantee today? Simply click here to sign up.

2. Its on sale – at over 50% off!

For a limited time, pay the regular price of $1,199, and you can have a friend, family member, co-worker or anyone else you wish attend at no charge, effectively cutting your cost in half to ONLY $599 PER PERSON.

3. There is a special bonus, normally worth $600

EACH participant will receive four coaching sessions over the two months following the workshop to ensure you remain very much on track with your new Life Blueprint, and accelerate your progress! Yes, it’s one-on-one coaching sessions for EACH of you! So it’s like doing the workshop FR.E.E.

4. A further $239 in value

Each participant gets a signed copy of my book Keep Any Promise: a  blueprint for designing your future and a Word-formatted Life Blueprint workbook – both worth $239, at no charge.

5. No extra costs

Parking, lunch and tea/coffee are included for both days, so there are no extra costs.

If you are lucky enough to participate in the workshop, you will emerge with such confidence that you can say goodbye forever to New Year’s resolutions: you will never need them again!

I guarantee you will have the most fantastic year of your life in 2010 and beyond, as you keep all your promises.

I am sure you will agree with me that being able to keep all your promises and achieve your goals is simply priceless!  Well, now you can learn to do so in just two days, and recognize the true value of your life.

Will be you one of the 16 people who will have their lives changed forever?
Take advantage of the HALF PRICED offer and grab your spot today!

Simply click here now to sign up and reserve your spot at this life-changing event!  When you land in the shopping cart, enter “2” and press “Check out” and you will take advantage of our HALF PRICE discount. 2 people may attend for the price of one. You and a friend / partner can create your “Life Blueprint” together!

I look forward to seeing you at the October or November Keep Any Promise workshop, so that together, we can unleash your potential and help you light up the world!