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Home Study Program

Yes, the next best thing to attending a LIVE Keep Any Promise Workshop is enrolling in the new Home Study Program. It can be accomplished at your pace and at your convenience.

Get on the fast track to creating your goal-oriented Life Blueprint now! Go as fast or as casually as your time allows, meanwhile, knowing that I am by your side, keeping you on course and guiding you to reach your ambitious life goals!

You’ll receive a fully narrated program that is normally taught over a two day workshop, and you’ll get a Word template that allows you to easily capture your thoughts and plans as you create your Blueprint.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Develop a written plan that will help you design the future you want, achieve the success you desire, and give you far more growth and control over your life
  2. Obtain an answer for the tough life question, “where will I be in 5, 10 or 20 years?” Discover how a balanced life IS possible, with time for self, family and friends
  3. Learn to overcome the biggest obstacles to achieving consistent progress and to maintain constant success in an easy, graceful manner.

Topics Include:

  1. Top 5 to 10 fears: Confront fear, the most important factor that stops most people from achieving their goals, and learn a unique way to embrace your fears and use them as your springboard for success
  2. Beliefs: Examine what your limiting beliefs might be, and how you can adopt empowering beliefs and new behaviours to catapult you to your goals
  3. Life Purpose: Draft your life purpose to make informed decisions leading to a fulfilled life
  4. 20 year audacious goals: Learn how three to four powerful 20 year goals can help propel you every year to huge achievements
  5. Three Year, Annual and 90 Day Plans: Create a powerful short to medium term operational plan that you can review periodically to ensure you stay on track
  6. Achieve ANY Goal: Learn a powerful way to achieve personal and organizational goals in a manner that builds on SMART goals – but goes much further, much faster!
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