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Last Friday, I attended the funeral of Zafar Abid, a friend and member of my design team, who passed away with cancer at the young age of 33. The day of his funeral service was also his 33rd birthday.

My team and I were especially saddened at losing a close friend and a wonderful human being, but our heart goes out to his parents, who had lost another son due to illness not so long ago. May Zafar rest in peace, and may his family have the courage to bear their loss with grace.

The funeral gave me pause to think about how precious and fleeting life can be, and two things came to mind immediately.

The first is to embrace and live each day to its fullest. And the second is to live a life of purpose.

Let me share my views and some suggestions on living each day to its fullest. In a future blog, I will discuss living a life of purpose. More…

live a life of purpose