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Think of your life as a building project. No architect would attempt to build something without a blueprint, so why would you approach your life plan without one? The details may change over time but it will always remain the building block on which to focus your energies and base your decisions.

The best way to start creating your own blueprint? Take stock of where you are right now. Start by writing down the ten most important categories in your life. They can be career, relationships, spirituality, health, or whatever is important to you.

Next, make two columns next to each category. In the first one, write down where you are right now in your life in that area. Be brutally honest. For the second column, close your eyes and think of where you’d like to be in the three years if no obstacles were in your way. Think hard and big. No idea is too big or impossible and the more uncomfortable or daunting the vision, the better. MORE>>>

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