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Below are what people are saying about Keep Any Promise: the book and the workshops:


"If you crave financial success, peace of mind and a balanced life . . . this is a must-read!" ~ T. Harv Eker, Author of #1 NY Times Bestseller, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

"A highly compelling read—with great exercises to stretch your mind. " ~ Dan Sullivan, Founder of the Strategic Coach®

"A simple, straightforward prescription for attaining lofty life goals which avoids superficiality and unrealistically rosy proclamations . . . His effort fits neatly into the tradition of upbeat, pragmatic and personal tools for bettering oneself financially, spiritually and otherwise. The author brings admirable clarity and brevity to the field. Readers rarely need to scan a sentence twice to discern his meaning, and a quick look at his life-changing exercises need not take more than a single sitting." ~ Kirkus Discoveries, New York

Sitara Hewitt, actress on the hit CBC show “Little Mosque on the Prairies”, talks about Blueprint programs, including the recently launched BlueprintPal, and the program’s impact on her

"Personal integrity is a hallmark of success. People typically understand that this includes honesty and keeping your promises to others. What many fail to realize is that personal integrity begins with keeping all those promises you make to yourself. Your mind listens when you promise yourself that you will follow all of those dreams in your heart ... "someday".


Yet, when day after day goes by and you take not a single step toward creating that "someday" you chip away at all self-trust and undermine your integrity.
Keep Any Promise gets you on the right path toward courageously making the most important promises to yourself and keeping them.Keeping promises to your family, colleagues, and others soon will follow.


This process quickly will take you to a higher level of success. Buy this book today and work through all of the useful exercises (and the freebies referenced on the website) to design your best life and live it to the fullest every day. Better still, attend the dynamic workshop and emerge with your own unique Life Blueprint that you can implement immediately." ~ Mollie Marti, PhD, JD, Author of The 12 Factors of Business Success

Marc de Bruin, Life Coach, Australia


"For millions of people setting achievable goals remains an elusive goal. We claim to desire change in virtually every area of our life; physical, emotional, financial, spiritual, in relationships and in business. Yet, for most the goal is a dream with no time frame.


Author, Karim H. Ismail, knows what it′s like to have a dream yet, be stuck to the point nothing changes. Over six years ago this "stuckness" became a thing of the past. So much in fact, Karim went from being unable to walk to the end of his driveway without being in excruciating pain to having hiked Kilimanjaro; from being overweight and spiritually bankrupt to inspiring countless individuals to live a life of passion, fulfillment and joy.


Karim′s process for achieving goals is not some "pie in the sky" theory. He has applied the principles he teaches to take his life from one of desperation to one of inspiration.

With step-by-step processes, great stories of others who have applied his principles to his own victories, Karim′s writing style is one that is engaging, easy to follow and very believable.


If you are ready to live the life you know you deserve; one that is an inspiration to others, Keep Any Promise is for you. ~ Kathleen Gage, CEO and founder of Turning Point, Inc. and Maxwell Publishing, bestselling author, keynote speaker, and an internationally recognized Internet marketing and publicity expert for speakers, trainers and authors - www.streetsmartsmarketing.com . "

Shirin Khamisa, Founder, Careers by Design, says the best time to join such a program is likely now when we are uncomfortable, as waiting for the perfect time is futile

"I originally started reading, Keep Any Promise - A blueprint for designing your future, because the author, Karim Ismail, became a client of mine. I actually intended to read just a few sample chapters so I could get to know him better but I began the book on a Saturday evening before bed and I could not put it down until I finished it 4 hours later!


Most of us make promises to ourselves all the time but usually those promises fall by the wayside as life happens. This is a book that will teach you to prevent that from happening. It is the perfect combination of inspirational stories about real people who have made a promise to themselves, how they overcome adversity to reach it, and then the specific strategies they used for success. By using real examples, Karim teaches how you can create your own blueprint to find your life purpose, achieve your life goals and keep the promises you have made to yourself and others.


I also loved the downloadable workbook which was full of worksheets and charts that helped me to clearly identify my goals, measure my progress, and define my success.

I don′t know anyone who would not benefit in some way from reading this book." ~ Lauren McMullen, Certified Internet Marketing & Social Media Marketing Virtual Assistant, www.timefinder4you. "

"If you′re looking for help achieving a goal, this book provides a great road map. It steps you through the process of clarifying your goals and putting together a plan for achieving them.

Karim′s approach is rock solid and his advice is excellent. His stories make it real and illustrate how use the strategies he outlines in the real world.


I′ve got this book on my night table as a daily reminder to follow the process." ~ Judith A. Schramm "ProResource", Alexandria, VA

Galib Rayani, CEO, on needing a roadmap to success

"About a year ago, I serendipitously met Karim Ismail, inspirational speaker and author of "Keep Any Promise: a blueprint for designing your future". I was so exhilarated and inspired by our brief conversation, I immediately ordered his book when I got home that night. With the combination of inspiration and step-by-step instructions for creating your own life blueprint,I knew this book would help me set ambitious goals and find ways to meet them within specific time frames.


In the book, Karim shares the inspiring stories of twelve "ordinary" people who do extraordinary things. You will learn how they embrace their fears, change their thinking, reach for the seemingly-impossible, achieve great goals, and keep their promises.


These dramatic stories will help you learn how to build and transform your own unique life. Reading the book and following the instructions to complete my own life blueprint were first steps along the path from where I was to where I want to be.That day when I met Karim, I mentioned that I was working on some short stories that I hoped to publish. I was elated to call Karim a few weeks ago, less than one year after we met, to tell him I had signed a publishing contract.


"Keep Any Promise" helped me to set a specific goal and to design a blueprint to make it come true. You can change your blueprint as you go along. The important thing is to get it outlined on paper. "Keep Any Promise" helped me get started and helps me stay on track. It gives me the confidence to believe I will reach my loftier lifetime goals easily." ~ Kathleen Betts, Toronto, ON

"Reading "Keep Any Promise" is an eye opening and life changing experience! If you feel like your life is out of balance or there are goals you keep putting off you need to pick up "Keep Any Promise" and put it to work for you.

Karim lays out a very clear, easy to follow set of exercises that are extremely powerful. They so simple too that anyone can follow them.


I still refer to Karim′s worksheets every morning to start my day and I′m grateful I had the opportunity to read his book. It′s one of the best investments you can make for yourself this year!" ~ Evan Carmichael (www.EvanCarmichael.com), Toronto, ON

"Karim′s book is both insightful and thought-provoking. I love the stories which really helped to reinforce the learning points. The exercises following each chapter are great. Take the time to read and apply these in your life. They′ll inspire you to truly create the world of your dreams by design, NOT by default!"~ Carol Chapman, Principal & Co-founder, Brand Ascension, Colorado Springs, CO

For all of us who want to increase our energy and achieve our goals, Karim Ismail guides us down a splendid path to wisdom, clarity and action ~ Nan Crawford, Executive Coaching: for visionary leaders delivering high-stakes presentations to increase their income & their impact ~ San Francisco, CA

"I rarely kept my promises. So I was reluctant to attempt the exercises in the book, as I "knew" I would not make progress. Well ... I took the plunge, worked through the workbook, and began implementing the easy techniques. Already, I am making great progress. Soon, I know I will be keeping all my promises to the world!" ~ Shelina Kassum, Founder, Tea in the Sahara, Toronto

"The twelve "ordinary" people in the book are extraordinary in their achievements, and demonstrate superbly how each one of us has greatness in us that we can unleash, each in our own unique way, to fulfill our life purpose" ~ Elisa Palombi, Executive Coach,Toronto

"This book changed my life--and the life of my family. As an obsessive reader of the self help genre, I have spent a lifetime of living intention instead of action. Thanks to Karim′s blueprint, I crafted a life plan that was realistic and inspiring. Moreover, his thoughtful, process-driven approach holds me accountable and keeps me on track. Since finishing Keep Any Promise in January 2010, -I have tackled a new fitness regime, successfully completed a course of study, dumped volunteer commitments that were no longer meaningful... Thanks to KAP I have achieved a level of peace and satisfaction that I never could have imagined. Read this book and pass it on!" ~ Mary E. Sabin, Toledo, OH

"After completing one year in the Ph.D. program, I had to discontinue my studies upon discovering that my third born was severely colic. Her pain and discomfort, my husband′s and my sleeplessness and fatigue, anxiety of the two siblings and numerous doctor appointments had immobilized our family in many ways. I realized I had a responsibility as a mother to focus on the well being of my child and my situation would have been threatening to my academic progress as a doctoral learner.


Three years later when things started to get better, I had forgotten what my purpose in life was and setting goals was a very fearful thought since I had been compelled to remove focus from my goals in the past. I knew it was my dream to complete my degree and the spark was still there, but the fear was so immense and with a forgotten purpose, I just wasn′t ready to take the leap.


When I read Karim′s book, and heard him speak about his transformation and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, I felt that my goal was very achievable. After completing my Life Blueprint, I have learned that no goal is too big. When I removed the fear, goal setting had never been easier. I am back into the program now and a few years from now, my dream will be fulfilled. Thank you Karim for explaining it the way you did; I had taken a detour and I just had to get back on-track." Ayesha S, young mother, PhD candidate

"I am a student of books and literature that talk about setting goals as a way to improve your life and drive higher achievement. While the underlying message of all these books is similar, what always made it more difficult for me to truly implement the lessons learned was how to develop my thinking in this regard and crystallize all my motivations for achieving the goal.


I thought that Keep Any Promise was a terrific book in helping you through the process of goal setting and how to stay on track thereafter.Each step in this process was thoughtfully laid out and easy to understand. I could relate to Karim′s stories and then how to apply each chapter lesson to my own unique set of circumstances and aspirations. It gave me the framework that I needed to make goal setting and achievement a promise that I could keep." ~ Douglas Lawson, Toronto ON

"Intensive workshop sessions. Made us focus, develop positive outcomes for our lives . . . I kept thinking about so many people I know who would be helped so much from this workshop . . . I will be referring it to many friends and family members”S.T., age 65, Alternative Health Practitioner

“Very informative and interactive . . . Challenged my thinking and made me see my self-imposed limitations . . . the workbook was excellent” J.K., age 26, in transition from job to own (dream) business

“With my Life Blueprint in hand, I now know that NOTHING can stop me from achieving my dreams, and making a huge family and world impact” K.K., age 42, mother and entrepreneur

“Loved the way we created a plan to achieve our dreams by chunking it down to smaller time frames . . . Thank you so much!” L.J., age 28, researcher

“Got me out of my comfort zone and helped me articulate what I really want to do with my life!” N.I., age 45, entrepreneur

“I loved the energy in the workshop” D.L., age 52, VP, Finance

“Love the interactive aspect! It’s great for all of us to be inspired by the dreams and lofty ambitions of others in the workshop. We had a fabulous group . . . It rocked!” K.B., 39, director, major agency

“Encouraging, positive environment that provided comfort in sharing aspirations . . . different mediums of providing information was most helpful . . . engagement of audience was excellent . . . informal nature of the sessions were appreciated” A.K., 30, corporate lawyer

“Challenged per-conceived notions about what I was truly capable of . . . loved the combination of the logical and the emotional” S.L., 35, manager and coach, government

“The course was brilliant, content is full of distilled wisdom, fun and understanding. Breakthrough technology simplified.” P.Z, 40, real estate broker

“Everything was excellent. The pace at which the information was presented was perfect with many changes in how the content was presented (good for a short attention span). I absolutely loved the worksheets and exercises. The yoga was a REAL bonus.” D.D. 29, spiritual healer/writer